Garage Conversion

Create some extra living space.

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Garage Conversion - increase your living space

Although most modern family homes are built with a garage, the resident would struggle to fit a car in the garage and if they do they would probably be unable to open the doors to get out of the car.

For this reason the garages of most homes are a wasted space used to close the door on clutter that we accumulate over time. Unused gym equipment, broken toys, tins of paint that we wouldnt miss fill up a space that could be used as extra habitable living space that many of us desire.

With the housing market at a near standstill many of us are watching our properties stood on the market for months on end with no interest, whilst needing to gain extra space. A lot of homes do not have the advantage of large gardens in which to add extensions but do have the benefit of being able to convert the garage into the extra room we want. As the garage is already in place this is a very cost effective way in which to gain the desired room whilst generally adding between 10 - 15% onto the value of your home.

Any type of garage can be converted and the choice of how to utilise the space is endless. Whether you are wanting extra space for the teenager of the house, an area to use as a home office which is increasingly popular as more of us are working from home, or a quiet retreat in which to close the door on the hustle and bustle of daily life and relax. You may have a double garage and only wish to convert one half of the garage into habitable space whilst retaining the other half as garage space, or have a detached garage you would like to convert into an annex for a dependent relative.

Although most garage conversions do not require planning permission we deal with on an individual basis, this will be discussed on our home visit. All our garage conversions come complete with a Building Regulations Certificate and Part P Electrical Certificate so you can be assured all work has been finished to comply with the latest regulations.

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